Advanced Modern Modern Technology

Место, где может быть найдена вся публичная информация, связанная с деятельностью Полиции Лос-Сантоса, также здесь расположена основная информация по трудоустройству и рекрутингу в состав офицеров департамента полиции Лос-Сантоса.

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Advanced Modern Modern Technology

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Advanced Modern Technology

Modern technology has quickly developed over the years, bringing innovations and also innovations that have actually improved various markets. From effective smart devices to cutting edge artificial intelligence systems, progressed modern-day innovation has become an essential part of our lives. In this article, we will certainly discover several of the sophisticated technologies that are changing the world we live in.
Web of Points (IoT).

The Net of Points (IoT) is a network of interconnected tools that are embedded with sensing units, software application, and other modern technologies, enabling them to accumulate as well as trade information. This interconnectedness permits smooth communication between gadgets, offering numerous advantages in various industries.
Smart Homes.

IoT innovation permits house owners to manage and automate numerous aspects of their houses, such as lighting, security systems, as well as even kitchen home appliances, through their smart devices or voice aides. With IoT-enabled wise homes, individuals can remotely monitor and control their devices, ensuring power efficiency as well as ease. For instance, homeowners can establish automated illumination systems that change according to natural light levels or occupancy, decreasing energy waste. Additionally, wise home safety and security systems can send out real-time notices to property owners' smart devices when any kind of unusual task is discovered, enhancing total safety.

In the healthcare industry, IoT tools have actually transformed patient treatment by allowing remote client monitoring, real-time health and wellness monitoring, as well as smart clinical devices that can alert and detect health care experts of potential problems. With IoT-enabled medical care devices, patients can obtain high quality care from the comfort of their very own houses. As an example, people with chronic conditions can use wearable devices that keep an eye on important signs as well as collect health and wellness information. This data can be transmitted to doctor in real-time, enabling early detection of any problems as well as timely intervention. Moreover, IoT devices can be integrated right into medical devices, enabling health care professionals to remotely keep an eye on patients during procedures or surgical procedures, ensuring optimum safety and security and efficiency.
Industrial Automation.

IoT has significantly enhanced industrial procedures by making it possible for remote monitoring and also control of equipment, anticipating maintenance, and also reliable supply chain administration. Sensors installed in equipment can gather real-time data on efficiency, energy intake, and also maintenance demands.
Synthetic Intelligence (AI).

Man-made Knowledge (AI) is a branch of computer technology that aims to develop smart equipments efficient in performing jobs that would usually need human intelligence. AI has made substantial strides in different fields, reinventing the means we function and also live.
Personal Assistants.

They can offer customized referrals, such as recommending neighboring restaurants based on private preferences or suggesting movies based on previous viewing behaviors. With constant developments in AI, individual aides are ending up being more instinctive and also qualified of understanding complex commands, boosting their energy in our everyday lives.
Medical care.

AI is helping physician in detecting diseases much more precisely and efficiently by assessing medical information and recognizing patterns that could be missed by human doctors. Artificial intelligence formulas can look with large quantities of person data, including medical records, test outcomes, and imaging scans, to identify refined indications of conditions. AI algorithms can aid in early discovery of conditions such as cancer cells, cardio illness, as well as neurological conditions, boosting treatment results and also conserving lives. In addition, AI is being made use of to create advanced prosthetics as well as assistive innovations for people with disabilities, boosting their mobility as well as quality of life.
Self-governing Vehicles.

AI is a fundamental element of self-driving automobiles, enabling them to perceive their surroundings, make decisions, and browse safely without human intervention. This innovation has the possible to change transportation systems, reducing mishaps as well as blockage while enhancing performance. Self-driving autos count on a mix of sensors, electronic cameras, and AI formulas to analyze the atmosphere as well as respond appropriately. AI formulas can spot and evaluate items when traveling, predict their behavior, and also choose to make certain risk-free driving. Autonomous automobiles can connect with each other with IoT modern technology, making it possible for reliable traffic flow and also minimizing the danger of crashes. As AI remains to development, self-driving vehicles are expected to become more widespread and reliable, changing the method we take a trip.
Blockchain Innovation.

Blockchain technology is a decentralized and also dispersed digital journal that records transactions throughout several computers. It brings immutability, security, and openness to numerous markets, with its most widely known application being cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Blockchain innovation has the prospective to reinvent the economic industry by offering transparent and also safe deals, getting rid of the demand for intermediaries, and also reducing the threat of scams. Conventional economic transactions frequently entail several middlemans, causing hold-ups, high expenses, as well as increased susceptability to fraudulence. With blockchain modern technology, economic deals can be firmly tape-recorded in a decentralized way, guaranteeing openness and reducing the risk of tampering. In addition, blockchain-based wise agreements allow automated and self-executing contracts, getting rid of the need for intermediaries and also decreasing deal expenses. This modern technology has the potential to make financial solutions extra easily accessible, effective, and safeguard for organizations and also individuals.
Supply Chain Monitoring.

Blockchain technology can bring transparency and traceability to provide chains, preventing imitation products, making sure the credibility of products, and also decreasing inefficiencies. In typical supply chains, mapping the beginning and also motion of products can be difficult, resulting in counterfeiting, top quality issues, and also delays. By making use of blockchain modern technology, each step of the supply chain can be safely recorded as well as confirmed, producing an unalterable document of product information, including origin, producing processes, as well as transportation details. This makes it possible for services and also customers to have full exposure as well as confidence in the authenticity and high quality of products. Blockchain-based clever contracts can automate settlement and confirmation procedures, minimizing paperwork as well as improving transactions in between suppliers, distributors, and manufacturers.
Digital Identity Confirmation.

Blockchain can allow safe and secure as well as decentralized electronic identity verification, minimizing the danger of identity burglary and improving privacy in online deals. Blockchain technology allows for the production of electronic identifications that are firmly stored and also confirmed, minimizing the requirement for several usernames and passwords.
Increased as well as online Reality (VR/AR).

Virtual Fact (VR) as well as Increased Truth (AR) modern technologies provide immersive experiences by superimposing online components onto the real world or producing totally virtual settings.

AR modern technology, on the various other hand, superimposes virtual elements onto the actual globe, mixing the physical as well as digital realms. Virtual reality and also AR technologies proceed to breakthrough, using even more realistic graphics, improved motion monitoring, and also improved haptic responses, even more immersing gamers in digital globes.
Education and learning and Training.

With Virtual reality modern technology, trainees can explore historic sites, traveling to different components of the world, as well as connect with digital items to acquire a much deeper understanding of the subject issue. AR technology can give real-time support and details overlays, enabling trainees to visualize intricate concepts or do hands-on experiments. The usage of VR as well as AR in education and learning and training has the potential to boost engagement, improve retention of information, and also enable practical discovering experiences in a selection of self-controls.
Design and Prototyping.

VR and AR modern technologies are utilized in numerous sectors to envision and also evaluate items prior to they are produced. AR modern technology can overlay digital models onto physical items, enabling developers to picture and evaluate product appearances, performance, and comfort designs. By integrating VR and AR innovations right into the design and prototyping procedures, services can lower growth expenses, speed up time-to-market, as well as refine items based on reasonable individual comments.
Quantum Computer.

Quantum computing is an emerging field that leverages the concepts of quantum auto mechanics to do complicated computations. It has the possible to address issues that are presently intractable for classic computer systems.
Scientific Research.

Quantum computer can accelerate clinical research by mimicing complicated physical systems, maximizing chain reactions, as well as addressing optimization troubles a lot more successfully. Traditional computer systems battle to imitate the behavior of quantum systems, such as molecular communications or quantum products. Quantum computer systems, on the other hand, can harness the principles of quantum auto mechanics to mimic these systems a lot more accurately as well as successfully. This has the possible to revolutionize areas such as materials scientific research, medication exploration, and environment modeling. Quantum computing can likewise address optimization troubles better, making it possible for businesses to maximize complicated procedures, such as supply chain administration, financial modeling, and also logistics preparing. By leveraging the power of quantum computer, businesses and also scientists can gain deeper understandings, make more informed choices, and also drive technology in different domains.

Quantum computers can potentially damage generally utilized encryption algorithms, yet they can likewise provide improved safety and security measures via quantum cryptography, making certain safe and secure communication and also information protection. Quantum crucial distribution (QKD) procedures use the principles of quantum mechanics to secure communication channels. By utilizing the abilities of quantum computer and also quantum cryptography, companies and individuals can secure their data and communications in an age of evolving cybersecurity dangers.
Financial Modeling.

Quantum computing can transform monetary modeling by evaluating substantial quantities of information and also executing complicated estimations, enabling even more exact predictions and run the risk of evaluations. Banks manage big quantities of information, complex mathematical designs, and time-sensitive decision-making. Quantum computers have the potential to procedure and also examine this data at extraordinary rates, enabling more accurate economic designs and predictions. Quantum computer can enhance profile administration by taking into consideration a huge number of variables and constraints all at once, resulting in more effective danger monitoring and investment techniques. Furthermore, quantum computer can improve algorithmic trading by quickly evaluating market patterns, determining patterns, and implementing trades with very little latency. By harnessing the power of quantum computer, banks can get an one-upmanship, make more educated choices, and mitigate dangers efficiently.

These are just a few instances of the advanced modern-day technologies that are shaping our present and future. As innovation remains to advance, it brings with it new possibilities as well as chances across numerous markets. Embracing these advancements can lead to raised performance, enhanced lifestyle, and unlimited advancement.
1. What is the Internet of Points (IoT) and just how does it profit us?

The Web of Points (IoT) is a network of interconnected tools embedded with sensors and software application that can gather and exchange data. It enables smooth interaction between tools, supplying benefits such as push-button control of wise houses, remote individual tracking in healthcare, as well as boosted commercial automation.
2. Exactly How does Artificial Intelligence (AI) impact our daily lives?

Expert System (AI) intends to create smart equipments qualified of doing tasks that usually require human knowledge. AI-powered personal aides, enhanced health care diagnostics, and self-driving cars are some examples of how AI is revolutionizing our lives.
3. How does Blockchain technology enhance money and supply chain administration?

Blockchain technology gives safe and secure and clear purchases, removing the need for middlemans and lowering scams in the finance industry. In supply chain monitoring, it brings transparency and traceability, making certain the credibility of items and also simplifying deals in between distributors, suppliers, and distributors.

Autonomous cars can communicate with each various other through IoT technology, allowing reliable web traffic circulation and also minimizing the threat of accidents. Blockchain innovation has the potential to change the economic sector by supplying clear and protected transactions, getting rid of the requirement for middlemans, as well as reducing the threat of scams. AR modern technology, on the various other hand, overlays virtual elements onto the actual world, blending the virtual as well as physical realms. Virtual reality and AR modern technologies continue to advancement, providing more sensible graphics, enhanced activity monitoring, and enhanced haptic feedback, better immersing players in online globes.
AR modern technology can overlay digital prototypes onto physical things, allowing designers to examine as well as visualize item aesthetics, performance, and functional designs.

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Advanced Modern Modern Technology

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п»їThe 8 Best Weed and Feeds of 2024.
Michelle is a commerce editor covering home improvement, landscaping, and tools. She has been writing about home decor for over 10 years for publications like and Better Homes & Gardens, among others.
Updated on 02/12/24.
Reviewed by.
Kathleen Miller is a highly-regarded Master Gardener and horticulturist with over 30 years of experience in organic gardening, farming, and landscape design. She founded Gaia's Farm and Gardens, a working sustainable permaculture farm, and writes for Gaia Grows, a local newspaper column.
In This Article.
In This Article.
The Spruce / Amelia Manley.
A good weed-and-feed lets you fertilize your lawn and kill weeds in one step , thus saving a lot of potentially tedious lawn maintenance hours. However, because these products are often formulated for specific types of turf grass, it's important to know what kind of lawn you have before choosing one.
“Always consider the specific requirements of your lawn, the type of grass you have, and any soil test results to tailor the fertilizer application to the unique needs of your lawn," says Noah James, professional landscaper and owner of Liberty Lawn Maintenance. "Factors such as soil type, climate, and existing vegetation all contribute to the compatibility of a weed-and-feed product.”
You should also consider the type of weed that plagues your lawn. While most weed-and-feeds target the common lawn weeds, if you have a particular type of weed that’s a problem, you’ll want to read the product label carefully to be sure it will kill that specific variety of weeds.
A majority of weed-and-feeds are post-emergent, meaning they kill weeds after they have sprouted and appeared on your lawn. A few, however, are pre-emergent, meaning that they prevent the weed seeds from sprouting. Generally, a pre-emergent is best applied in the spring, while post-emergent products can be applied in the spring or fall.
We considered numerous weed-and-feeds, evaluating them all for effectiveness both at killing weeds and feeding the lawn, range of suitable grass types, coverage, and overall value.
Our Top Picks.
Best Overall:
Best Spray:
Best Organic:
Best Preventative:
Best for Spring:
Best for Fall:
Best for Northern Lawns:
Best for Southern Lawns:
Best Overall.
Scotts Turf Builder Weed and Feed.
$32 At Amazon $33 At Home Depot $58 At Walmart.
Gets rid of hard-to-kill weeds such as dandelions and clover Effective NPK ratio Easy to use Effective for up to 8 weeks.
Works best with Scotts brand spreaders Not for use on St. Augustine, bentgrass, or dichondra.
We love this weed-and-feed from Scott's thanks to its highly effective ability to kill weeds while greening up your lawn and promoting healthy root and blade growth. This is a granular product that should be used with a spreader following the package directions for the right spreader setting. Ideally, you should use this weed and feed in the spring when daytime temperatures are between 60 and 90 degrees, but it can also be used as a fall fertilizer.
Go ahead and spread this weed-and-feed across most popular types of grass , including bluegrass, fescue, zoysia, Bermuda, ryegrass, and centipede . You do not want to use it on St. Augustine, however, or bentgrass lawns. The NPK ratio of 28-0-3, which means 28% nitrogen, no phosphorus, and 3% potassium , goes right to work nourishing your turf, helping to grow strong roots and healthy green grass blades.
The included chemical herbicide has Scott's patented WeedGrip technology, which allows the product to adhere better to lawn weeds for fast and effective results. It wipes out more than 50 common weeds , including dandelions, clover, plaintain, and purslane.
Apply it to dew-damp grass, but once spread evenly across the turf, do not water for at least 24 hours. Once the time is up, water it in thoroughly, and then wait at least another 24 hours, or until the grass is completely dry, before mowing your lawn or allowing kids or pets to play on it. Keep in mind you do not want to apply it more than two times per year.
NPK Ratio : 28-0-3пё± Formula Type : Slow releaseпё± Application : Granularпё± Grass Type : Most common grassesпё± Coverage : 5,000 square feet.
What's an NPK Ratio?
Lawn fertilizers rely on three major nutrients—nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium (chemical symbol K)—to keep grass in weed-fighting shape. Expressed as a product's NPK ratio, the numbers reflect each nutrient's percentage by weight. For example, product with an NPK ratio of 28-0-3 has 28 percent nitrogen, zero percent phosphorus, and 3 percent potassium.
When it comes to choosing the right product, Noah James says, “The ideal NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium) ratio for weed and feed fertilizer products can vary depending on the specific needs of your lawn. A common recommendation for a weed and feed fertilizer for lawns is a balanced or slightly higher nitrogen content."
Best Spray.
Spectracide Weed-and-Feed Spray.
Can be used on non-Floratam St. Augustine grass No mixing required Can be used as a spot treatment.
Best as a supplement, not full fertilizer.
We love how simple it is to apply this weed-and-feed; simply attach the container to your garden hose, turn it on, move the nozzle to the open position, then carefully walk back and forth across your lawn, evenly spraying the product until it is entirely covered.
This weed-and-feed spray quickly kills numerous weeds, including dandelion, chicory, burdock, thistle, ragweed, and yarrow. You can also use it to spot-treat weeds if desired. However, take care not to let the spray touch any of your desirable garden plants, as it will burn or kill whatever foliage it contacts.
For best results, it should be used on a lawn that has been thoroughly watered the day before, but once applied, do not water again for at least 24 hours, and spray on a day with temperatures below 85 degrees. You can use this on most common lawn grasses, even St. Augustine , with the exception of the Floratam variety of St. Augustine that's commonly used in Florida.
As a fertilizer, it has an NPK ratio of 20-0-0 , so it will help green up your grass in the spring, but is best used as a springtime supplement , not your only fertilizer. You can apply it two times per growing season, with at least 30 days in between applications.
NPK Ratio : 20-0-0пё± Type : Slow releaseпё± Application : Sprayпё± Grass Type : Most common grassesпё± Coverage : 7,500 square feet.
Best Organic.
Purely Organic Weed & Feed Lawn Food.
Kid-and-pet safe Can be used on all types of grass No chemical herbicides.
Can take up to a month for results.
If you don't want to use powerful synthetic herbicides on your lawn, or you are concerned about the safety of your pets and kids, then we recommend this weed-and-feed from Purely Organics. It uses clove oil and corn gluten meal to eradicate numerous common weeds, including dandelions, thistle, purslane, spurge, nettle, and many more.
Even better, it is safe for use on any type of grass, even St. Augustine. Apply it with a spreader on a calm day with temperatures between 60 and 90 degrees. The grass should be damp, but not soaked. After application, water your grass lightly, and keep it damp for the next 3 to 4 days. No need to worry about your children or pets ; they can safely play or walk on the grass right after application.
You will need to wait a little longer to see the weeds die off with this product than you would with a more potent chemical herbicide, but for many homeowners, that's a small price to pay. Generally, you'll see results within a month or so , but if not, you can reapply the weed-and-feed again 5 weeks after the first application. It can be used any time during the growing season. With an NPK ratio of 10-0-2 , it nourishes grass without causing a big burst of growth, which helps reduce your need to mow.
NPK Ratio : 10-0-2пё± Type : Slow releaseпё± Application : Granulesпё± Grass Type : All types of grassпё± Coverage : 3,000 square feet.
Best Preventative.
BioAdvanced 5-in-1 Weed and Feed.
$24 At Amazon $28 At Home Depot $26 At Walmart.
Both a pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicide Kills crabgrass High in nitrogen for green, lush grass growth Only needs twice-yearly applications.
Not safe for several common types of grass.
We love this 5-in-1 weed-and-feed, which for up to 6 full months effectively prevents more than 200 kinds of weed seeds—even crabgrass—from sprouting, and kills already-sprouted weeds and crabgrass. Plus, it nourishes your lawn with an NPK ratio of 22-0-4 which encourages green, lush growth and strong roots for up to 3 months.
You can apply it in the spring, summer, or fall. However, it is only for use on lawns that are all or mostly fescue, Bermuda grass, buffalograss, Kentucky bluegrass, rye grass, seashore paspalum or zoysia. It is not safe for St. Augustine, bentgrass, centipedegrass, or bahia lawns.
Apply this granular weed-and-feed to your damp lawn on a day when temperatures are between 50 and 90 degrees, following the package instructions for the lawn spreader settings. Water it in after application, and let it dry completely before mowing, watering again, or allowing your children or pets onto the lawn. It's best to use this twice per year : once in the spring when your lawn starts actively growing, and once in the early fall.
NPK Ratio : 22-0-4пё± Type : Slow releaseпё± Application : Granulesпё± Grass Type : Fescue, Bermuda grass, buffalograss, Kentucky bluegrass, rye grass, seashore paspalum, zoysiaпё± Coverage : 4,000 square feet.
Best for Spring.
GreenView Fairway Formula Spring Fertilizer Weed & Feed with Crabgrass Preventer.
$77 At Amazon $78 At Home Depot $37 At
Prevents crabgrass from sprouting Kills over 200 types of weeds Has both quick and slow release nitrogen.
Not for St. Augustine lawns Takes a lot of product for adequate coverage.
Unlike many other weed-and-feed products, this one contains both pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicides. That means your spring application will not only kill over 200 different lawn weeds , including dandelions, thistle, poison ivy, burdock, pokeweed, and ground ivy, but will also prevent crabgrass seeds from sprouting .
As crabgrass can be very difficult to eradicate once it sprouts, we appreciate this effective formula from Greenview's ability to cut down on tedious lawn maintenance. It's intended for use on most popular lawn grasses , including bluegrass, ryegrass, zoysia, Bermuda, bahia, centipede, and fescue, but is not safe for St. Augustine lawns.
Apply this product in spring as soon as you see the first dandelion blooms . Using a spreader, you want to apply it on a day when the grass is damp with dew, but no rain is in the forecast for at least 48 hours. After the two days have passed, go ahead and water thoroughly, then wait at least one more day before mowing the lawn or allowing your children or pets to play on it. The NPK ratio is 24-0-6, and thanks to the combination of quick-release and slow-acting nitrogen , it starts to green your lawn up quickly, and then keeps on nourishing the grass for up to 12 weeks.
NPK Ratio : 24-0-6пё± Type : Slow and quick releaseпё± Application : Granularпё± Grass Type : Most common grassesпё± Coverage : 5,000 square feet.
Best for Fall.
Scotts Turf Builder WinterGuard Fall Weed & Feed.
$33 At Lowe's $38 At Ace Hardware View On
High level of nitrogen Prepares lawns for winter weather WeedGrip technology.
Only for use on a somewhat limited range of grass types.
The heat of summer can take a toll on your lawn's health , so it's a good idea to give it a fall feeding with a product designed not only to restore nutrients lost to the summer's high temperatures, but also to provide plenty of nutrients to get your turf through the winter and ready to face spring with a surge of new growth. And we recommend this weed-and-feed from Scotts for the purpose.
It tackles more than 50 common lawn weeds —while some similar products kill more types of weeds than that, this will handle those you are likeliest to face—and contains Scotts WeedGrip technology, which helps the grains cling more tightly to the weeds for faster results. It has a high level of nitrogen, at 28%, as well as 6% potassium.
Apply this mid-September through November as long as daytime temperatures are still over 60 degrees. Spread it across a damp lawn, and then let it sit for 24 hours before watering it in well. You should then wait until the grass is completely dry before letting pets or kids play or walk on the grass.
Note that this is not suited to all types of lawn grass, but is only for bahiagrass, Bermudagrass, bluegrass, centipedegrass, fescue, perennial ryegrass, and zoysia.
NPK Ratio : 28-0-6пё± Type : Slow releaseпё± Application : Granulesпё± Grass Type : Bahiagrass, Bermudagrass, bluegrass, centipedegrass, fescue, ryegrass, zoysia пё± Coverage : 4,000 square feet.
Best for Northern Lawns.
Sta-Green Weed & Feed Lawn Food.
High nitrogen content for lush, green growth Kills many types of weeds.
Limited range of suitable grass types.
While you can use this weed-and-feed on Bermudagrass, which is a warm-season grass, it's mostly formulated for use on the cool-season grasses found in northern lawns, including fescues, bluegrass. and perennial ryegrass . Apply it once in the spring and again early in the fall , and it will keep your lawn green and healthy with its NPK ratio of 22-0-4 , which provides lots of nitrogen for the lushest lawn.
Of course, it will also kill over 250 types of weeds , including dandelion, hard-to-remove clover, spurge, thistle, nettle, and many other unsightly weeds. Like other granular lawn fertilizers, this one is best applied with a spreader, using the appropriate setting for your model of spreader that's indicated on the packaging. It should be spread across a lawn that's damp, but not soaked.
Once applied, wait for 24 hours before watering it in thoroughly, and then wait another 24 hours or until the grass is completely dry before allowing your kids or pets onto the lawn, or mowing the grass.
NPK Ratio : 22-0-4пё± Type : Slow releaseпё± Application : Granulesпё± Grass Type : Cool-season grassesпё± Coverage : 4,000 square feet.
Best for Southern Lawns.
Scotts Turf Builder Southern Triple Action.
$65 At Amazon $46 At Walmart $35 At Lowe's.
Kills fire ants and prevents other pests High nitrogen content Safe for St. Augustine.
Only safe for a limited range of grass types.
If you garden in the south , then you'll love this weed-and-feed from Scotts that kills not only weeds but also that scourge of the south: fire ants . It contains an insecticide that prevents and kills these hard-stinging ants for up to 6 months while also preventing other pests from invading your lawn, including ticks, armyworms, fleas, mole crickets, chinch bugs, and sod webworms.
Plus, it effectively controls dollarweed, dandelion, clover, oxalis, plantain, chickweed, and henbit weeds. On the downside, this is only for use on a limited range of grass types: St. Augustine (including Floratam), centipedegrass, zoysia, and carpetgrass. Using it on other turf types could lead to burned grass or even kill off patches of your lawn.
At 29-0-10, this has the highest level of nitrogen of all the products on our list. That gives your grass enough nourishment to thrive in the punishing heat that is common during Southern summers. Apply this with a spreader in the spring when weeds and fire ants are active.
It can be applied again 8 weeks later if necessary, but do not use it more than twice per year. Unlike most weed-and-feeds, this should be applied to a dry lawn and then immediately watered in well. Allow it to dry completely before walking on the lawn or letting your children or pets into the area.
NPK Ratio : 29-0-10пё± Type : Slow releaseпё± Application : Granulesпё± Grass Type : St. Augustine (including Floratam), centipedegrass, zoysia, carpetgrass пё± Coverage : 8,000 square feet.
Final Verdict.
Our top choice, Scotts Turf Builder Weed and Feed, is a great choice for almost any type of lawn grass other than St. Augustine. We love how effectively it kills even tough weeds, thanks to its WeedGrip technology that helps the product adhere better to the weed’s leaves and stems. It also has a high level of nitrogen for healthy green growth and sufficient potassium for strong roots. But if you do have a St. Augustine lawn, then Purely Organic Weed & Feed Lawn Food, which is an organic product that is safe for any type of grass, is a better option.
What to Look for in a Weed and Feed.
Grass Type.
One of the most important considerations when choosing a weed-and-feed or any other product designed to increase grass health is the type of grass making up your lawn. Most lawns have more than one type of grass, but as a rough guideline, grass varieties are divided into two main groups: cool-season grasses that do best in the northern part of the US and warm-season grasses that thrive in the more temperate south.
Common cool-season grasses include bluegrass, tall and fine fescue, bentgrass, and ryegrass. Common warm-season grasses include Bermudagrass, zoysia, centipedegrass, and St. Augustine.
Most lawn fertilizers and weed-and-feeds are well-suited to most of those common turfgrasses, but some are formulated for specific varieties or groups of grasses, so it pays to always read the description and instructions carefully to ensure that your lawn can safely be treated with the product. This is especially important if your lawn is primarily St. Augustine, which tends to be more sensitive to many herbicides than other common grasses. For this type of lawn, we recommend the Scotts Turf Builder Southern Triple Action (our best for southern lawns ).
Formula Type.
There are two basic formulas for weed-and-feed products: Those that use various chemicals to kill weeds and those that use less toxic organic ingredients to get the job done. Either way, all of these are selective herbicides, meaning that they only target certain types of plants, but not most grass varieties; otherwise, they would kill your lawn along with the weeds. By contrast, non-selective weed killers dispatch just about any greenery they touch, including lawn.
Cornmeal is a common ingredient in organic products; it’s especially effective against dandelions and crabgrass. Various plant oils, particularly clove, are also often used in organic weed-and-feeds, including Purely Organic Weed & Feed Lawn Food.
Chemical herbicides in weeds-and-feeds can be post- or pre-emergent. BioAdvanced 5-in–1 Weed and Feed (our best preventative pick) has both types. Some common post-emergent chemical herbicides that kill weeds that are already sprouted include 2,4-D amine salts, Triclopyr, and Dicamba. Some of the commonly used pre-emergent chemical herbicides, which prevent weed seeds from germinating, include Prodiamine, Isoxaben, and Dithiopyr.
Whatever type of weed-and-feed you choose, read the directions carefully before applying it to your grass, and keep your pets and children away from the area until the product is completely dry. Generally, it’s best to stay off the lawn for at least 24 hours after applying a weed-and-feed or weed killer to the grass.
Most weed-and-feeds are granular, and are best applied with a spreader. You’ll find the recommended spreader setting listed on the product packaging. Following those guidelines will give you the best results, as you’ll achieve the optimal coverage.
There are also liquid weed-and-feeds, such as our best spray pick, the Spectracide Weed and Feed. Typically, these come in a bottle with an adapter that fits right onto your garden hose. Once you turn on the hose, you can begin spraying the weed-and-feed evenly across your lawn. You’ll need to take care to spray the product evenly across the grass for the best results. Walk slowly back and forth across the full length of the lawn, moving your hand slowly and steadily from side to side.
When it comes to the best time of year to apply a weed-and-feed, Noah James, professional landscaper and owner of Liberty Lawn Maintenance, says, “For optimal results, apply weed and feed fertilizers when your lawn is actively growing, typically in the spring or early fall. This ensures that your grass receives the maximum benefits, nourishing it from root to tip and promoting healthy growth.”
We especially like Scotts Turf Builder WinterGuard Fall Weed & Feed for fall use, as it helps not only restore your lawn’s health after the heat of summer, but also prepares it for the winter weather ahead. If you are looking for a spring weed-and-feed to get your lawn off to a good start for the growing season, then we recommend our best for spring option, the Greenview Fairway Formula Spring Fertilizer Weed and Feed.
NPK Ratio.
We’ve covered the “weed,” but of course, these products also “feed” your grass with a combination of three important nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. These percentages of these nutrients found in the fertilizer are always indicated on the product package in the form of an NPK ratio, where N is nitrogen, P is phosphorus, and K is potassium. Many lawn fertilizers and weed-and-feeds contain small amounts of other nutrients as well, such as iron and calcium, but the “big three” are most important for your lawn’s health.
The most crucial nutrient for your grass is nitrogen, which promotes green, lush blades and strong, healthy roots. Potassium further encourages healthy root growth and helps turfgrasses survive periods of drought or rough weather. It’s important to note, however, that many areas tightly regulate or even ban the use of phosphorus on residential lawns due to this mineral’s potentially harmful effects on bodies of water. Runoff from lawns treated with phosphorus can cause an increase of algae growth and a decrease of oxygen in nearby bodies of water, including ponds, streams, and lakes.
The Spruce / Ellen Lindner.
While phosphorus is required for healthy grass growth, most established lawns can get enough of it from the soil to thrive. Our top pick, Scotts Turf Builder Weed and Feed has an NPK ratio of 28-0-3, making it well-suited to boosting the health of established lawns.
Typically, weed-and-feed products have NPK ratios formulated to nourish the most common varieties of lawn grass, but some are more specialized to effectively feed different types of grasses, such as cool-season or warm-season lawns. For example, Sta-Green Weed and Feed Lawn Food (our best for northern lawns , which is formulated mostly for northern lawns, has an NPK ratio of 22-0-4, while Scotts Turf Builder Southern Triple Action has an NPK ratio of 29-0-10 (our best for southern lawns ).
Why Trust the Spruce?
Michelle Ullman is a commerce writer for The Spruce who specializes in home improvement products, including tools and landscaping supplies. She has extensive experience not only in writing about all things related to the home, but also in carrying out various DIY projects, including landscaping, painting, flooring, wallpapering, furniture makeovers, and simple repairs around the house and yard. She’s also an avid gardener, and loves to spend time caring for her garden and many potted plants, both indoors and outside.
For this roundup, she considered dozens of weed-and-feeds, evaluating each for effectiveness of weed control, level of nitrogen and other nutrients, range of grasses it can safely be applied to, and overall value. She also considered feedback from customers, both positive and negative, as well as reviews and information on various gardening and lawn maintenance websites.
Noah James, professional landscaper and owner of Liberty Lawn Maintenance Amanda Rose Newton, certified horticulture professional and garden reviewer for The Spruce Daniela Galvez, senior editor at The Spruce.
Article Sources.
The Spruce uses only high-quality sources, including peer-reviewed studies, to support the facts within our articles. Read our editorial process to learn more about how we fact-check and keep our content accurate, reliable, and trustworthy.
Indicators: Phosphorus : United States Environmental Protection Agency.

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